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"The Studio" NOW OPEN

"The Studio" is officially open and accepting bookings! WOOHOO! Cue the confetti pop!

This a dream I've had on my long term goals list for a while now and its still a little surreal! When the opportunity for a rental space opened up in my hometown I jumped on it. The space was definitely due for renovations and after a month of hard work, scouring every inch to update with new floors, fresh paint, plumbing, updating sinks, and so much more (most I didn't bargain for lol) she's now complete!

As with any renovation project I assumed a few coats of paint, new floor laid and boom it would be ready to go after a couple weeks! But as I have learned with any renovation you better plan to live at Lowes and expect 3 jobs to come from the one job you knew that needed to be completed. Haha! All the labor of love just makes me appreciate the space even more though!

I'm so excited to share all the shoots so far and can not wait to see all the shoots to come from within the studio this year!

Natural light is still my jam and creating a space with beautiful lighting that still has that lifestyle feel and warmth is my goal here. I am always open to new ideas and concepts so please feel free to inquire by my booking link if you have a specific vision or idea in mind!

Check out one of my recent shoots below with Hailey Puckett- Miss Shelbyville, TN USA.

I was so honored to have my professional model friend, Clorissa, come in for the very first shoot here! Check out her awesome modeling skills below.

Thanks so much for checking out my recent work and head on over to the "Let's Talk!" section so we can...

Create more photo magic here at the studio together!


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