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Jaycie & Caleb | Fall Engagement Session

November 18, 2021

I've known Jaycie since kindergarten and was so honored to be able to capture her & Caleb's engagement pictures.

What started off as a dreary rainy day turned out to be one of the most beautiful golden hours. Normally peak leaf season is around the last weekend of October, but I have to say the colors on November 18 were absolutely unreal!

Freshly fallen leaves lining the trails while the remaining leaves cling to their limbs as that last bit of golden light dapples the path.

I love Stone Door because of the versatilely and multiple angle views. You can always find a new perspective from across the rocks and show your client the depth of the rock formation which they are standing on. I think it helps broaden their perspective of this beautiful location as well to see and understand the vastness of the ledge from which they are able to take in the gorge and valley far below.


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