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Brett & Sydney Adventure Wedding Portraits

When Sydney reached out wanting to take some wedding portraits at a beautiful and unique location, I immediately suggested Stone Door.

Beersheba Springs, TN holds a special place in the hearts of many who have traveled to the plateau before. The beauty of the farmland seen in the distance in the valley below, the amazing cliffs of sandstone seen from the overlooks at Stone Door. I knew this was the perfect location for the newly wed Brett & Sydney to have an adventurous style wedding portrait session. They had a destination beach wedding in October, but due to some complications from the hurricane season they didn't have a professional photographer on their wedding day at the beach. They still had amazing photos from the beach wedding with friends and family, but I was honored they wanted to wear their wedding day attire again to hike out in and take portraits with me.

They even brought their sweet pups along.

I think one of coolest parts about an adventure wedding portrait session is getting to explore a new or familiar place with your spouse and having those photos to look back on the coming years. It's a way to remember and symbolize the new adventure you two have decided to commit to embark on together.

I loved that Sydney kicked her sandals off after we reached the overlook and started taking photos. 10/10 recommend putting the effort into your jewelry, hair, & makeup and as long as you are not wearing socks with sandals I think your feet will look okay or they may be covered anyways haha!

A few tips I always tell my brides and clients when we are going to be out in nature for any type of shoot, WEAR YOUR COMFY SHOES. You can put on your fancy shoes once we get to a specific spot for a few shots, but I promise your shoes or socks will rarely be seen in most cases! Trust me they are not the focal point, YOU ARE! And if you aren't comfy you will not enjoy any of the experience.

OKAY, but can we talk about this stunning bridal ring set from Woodard's Diamonds?! I am obsessed with this custom design. It is always so much fun taking a couple's engagement photos and seeing those new sparkly rings, but then seeing the complete set is so satisfying too!

Sydney & Charlie the happiest little corgi. <3

Walking back up the steps in the actual "Stone Door"

This old tree in between the two cliff faces here really helps show how big this separation between the two sandstone walls is.

Taking a little rest and enjoying the sunset.

This bridal look brought to you by these vendors:


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