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Self Portraits: stepping out from behind the lens

Sometimes you need to hit the reset on your confidence and realize your beauty and value, cue an afternoon taking some self portraits!

As a photographer, I think I need to be reminded occasionally how it feels to be on the other side of the camera. It can be a little bit ( or a whole lot ) intimidating and uncomfortable. I think sometimes you need to see yourself to appreciate your body and to humble yourself at the same time and I can't think of a better way to do this than through photographs. It's an odd feeling to be seen, like really seen when you are the sole focus in front of that lens, so I think it is important to realize a lot of clients might feel this way too as they enter into their session with me. But I try to do my best at easing those fears! I just like to remind myself and get out of my comfort zone from behind the lens occasionally to grow myself. Through this I think it helps me serve my clients better, because I know how angles, lighting and being comfortable and at ease being seen make all the difference in how you interact with the camera and how the photos turn out.

I really loved the lighting in this spot in our home. I just the window light in the corner of our bedroom and a tripod to achieve this dramatic and artistic style. I think they turned out pretty great for self portraits and I felt beautiful which was just what I needed. It doesn't hurt to have a little pick me up and confidence boost every now and then!


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