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Starry Skies in Flagstaff

Our first night in Flagstaff we drove out of town about 10 miles to see what the sky looked like. I have seen countless photos from out west because the positioning of the mountains and cities is the perfect spot for dark Sky stargazing.

With our tinted windows it was hard to tell how clear it really was, but we kept driving until we found an area to pull off the highway going through the Coconino Forest. We couldn't believe our eyes as we looked up into the sky at the billions of stars glistening in the total darkness of the night.

I had my camera with me, but unfortunately no tripod packed. I knew I would have to find one if I wanted to achieve the look I was going for. The next morning we found a tripod and decided the next clear night we were heading back out to capture the beauty above.

The next clear night we drove South about 10 miles out of town on the highway to Sedona. The side road we pulled off of was quiet and only one or two cars passed by while we were there. The sky was just as clear as that first night and I don't think I have ever seen as many stars with the naked eye as we could out there. The longer we stood with the lights off and as our eyes adjusted to the dark landscape, the more we discovered the billions of specks glistening and twinkling high above.

*Turn your screen brightness all the way up for optimal clarity of the stars!*

There were shot with the minimal equipment I was traveling with, a Canon 5D Mark iv, Sigma 35 mm f/1.4, and the cheap tripod from Target.


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