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Pro tip: Ask your florist for flower petals!

Pro tip: Ask your florist for a tote full of flower petals, specifically rose petals if you can! This will give your aisle the most luxurious look for your photos and your flower girl will still be able to toss her petals down the aisle too.

Most flower girls will only drop a couple petals down your aisle leaving it looking a little less than the ideal coverage. In order to get this garden wedding look (or even inside for a church wedding you could order the synthetic rose petals) you are going to want a lot more! Another idea to add to the flower petal vibe is to have your guests toss petals at you as you walk back down the aisle. You could do rose petals, various dried flower, and even lavender!

Check out these amazing examples below from one of my recent backyard weddings below.

The florist for this wedding had a tote full of white rose petals mixed with others from the floral theme and scattered them down the aisle just before ceremony time.

This ensured they did not get damaged until time and they did not start wilting in the summer TN heat and humidity!


These florals were amazing and done by one of the couple's friends, I was obsessed with the color combo!


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