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Lifestyle Family & Newborn In- Home Sessions

"Lifestyle In-Home Sessions" are kind of the best of both worlds between capturing real and authentic moments right in your very own home and getting quality, beautiful images to remember the little moments with your loved ones.

I love the moment above with The Little Farm Hands family. This was one of my favorite moments to capture as they just stared at their newest family member in awe. Each of them were obsessed with how precious she was-talk about the best big siblings!

Home. The place you have chosen to spend most of your time, the place you have spent countless hours in and building to be your own.

In-home sessions can be what you make them! We can spend the session baking cookies with the kids, you reading them stories on the couch or in your favorite comfy chair, jumping on the bed (okay, maybe that one should not be allowed LOL), the family gathered together on the sofa, snuggles on the bed, the possibilities are endless!

My top reason to encourage in-home or at-home sessions are when you have small children they feel more comfortable right at home, giving me the opportunity to photograph them in their natural element.

Life isn't always quite "picture perfect", am I right? We make messes and that's okay. So while we dream of clean homes and clean rooms, let us remember reality is a little messy and that's alright, because the imperfections only add to the story to be told.

Let the kids be kids.

You can include the furry family members too!