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Island Waterfalls or Tennessee Hidden Gems?

As you look through these images, you might question whether the location is a tropical, oasis waterfall deep into an island of Hawaii or is it somewhere nestled in the hills of Tennessee?

*We called this the Titanic pose and you can't help but laugh when channeling your inner Jack & Rose.*

Well my friends, this gorgeous couple didn't have to go far to find this little breath of beauty. If you are looking to book a fun adventure photo shoot with your lover like this one at a local waterfall, I would love to help create some more magic and fun memories for you.

The ivy and mossy greens created a whole vibe with the moody contrast and I am here for it. Clorissa's plum colored 2 piece bathing suit came from Amazon (you can find it here!) complimented the color scheme for this shoot perfectly.

This was part 1 / location #1 from a collaboration I did with two local models and friends, Clorissa and Gadi. As you looked through the photos you may have automatically assumed they are a couple, but in the modeling & acting world that's the magic of creating behind the camera. These two are just great friends and even better models! They could totally fool you with the laughter and chemistry caught in these moments.

View Part 2 / location #2 of this collaboration here!

Follow Clorissa on Instagram @clorissa.c with Gage Talent and Gadi @browncore_thecoldest.


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