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First Look Perks & Ideas

Brides, let’s talk about first looks...

Let me just open with: I will always highly recommend them, but also totally respect if you do not want to do one.

But hear me out, first looks aren’t just a cool trend that takes away the tradition of not seeing the bride until she comes down the aisle, if anything I think it is an even more intimate moment amongst the rush of a wedding day.

Actually, it might be the only time you get to set aside and be alone with one another for a few sweet moments. And if you are afraid he won’t have as good of a reaction seeing you come down the aisle, I would not be so worried about that, I’ve seen some pretty emotional and sweet reactions even after a first look 😉

I asked one of my previous brides, “Why or why not would you have a first look?” She stated, “We did because I just didn’t feel like it would change anything emotionally. But it totally depends on the couple too.”

The perks of a true first look are getting to see your husband-to-be and taking a few moments to really soak in the commitment you are about to make to each other. Then you get to take super fun photos with your wedding party before the ceremony which helps you get straight to the PAR-TAY after to celebrate that just married feeling! 🎉

More Perks:

  • A little less stress on your big day! You can get most of your portraits done before the ceremony and get to your party and guests quicker! Oh and did I mention, EAT!

  • A more intimate and emotional moment opportunity- if you are worried your husband to be won’t cry when he sees you for the first time, let me assure you emotions will take their course and the joy and smiling face he has as you walk down the aisle are just as encouraging. There may even be another wave of tears if he is a tender at heart kind of guy. I have seen various reactions on wedding days and each time we have done a first look my brides have said nothing but good things about that moment while the emotion of walking down the aisle remains in tact.

The obvious, Photo Op! It’s a super sweet moment that just adds to the amount of photos you will receive back from me! <3

But maybe you aren’t sure on the whole first look, maybe you want the best of both worlds involving an intimate moment with just the two of you, the photo op, and to reserve the true first look for when you walk down the aisle. Well let me tell ya girl... We can make it happen!

You can have your cake and eat it too!

I have had a few brides choose to write letters or open gifts instead of having a first look but I still get to see and photograph the bride and groom at the same time in the same exact frame! Woah, photo magic! ✨

It’s actually pretty simple, we just keep some type of divider between the two of you.

The Promise Manor in Lynchburg, TN is not only a beautiful and intimate venue but has the perfect Southern front porch and balcony set up to do a gift exchange and keep the groom from seeing the bride.

Maybe a fence on your venue property like the one above, maybe a doorway, maybe even the corner of the venue itself will work as the divider separating the two of you.

The Stone House - Kayleigh & Josh First Vow

This was one of my favorite moments to help capture as a second shooter with Heather Graviss Photography in August 2019. Josh and Kayleigh had a “first vow” and were simply facing opposite directions on either side of the corner of the Stone House at Arrington Vineyards. It was such a sweet and intimate moment for them both (aside from the wasps that persistently kept hovering near them, but Heather swooped in and swatted them away haha), they were able to hold hands but never once did they sneak a peak.

So while one of these options may be the perfect option for you, I understand it may not play into your wedding day vision and that’s okay! I’m here to capture the day and the moments as they happen either way.💕


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