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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!🌍 This Earth we live and breathe on is pretty spectacular. From the animals, to the landscapes, to the sky, and even the darkest depths unknown, God’s creation truly amazes me. A moment I don’t think I will ever forget is driving around a winding rode and looking out the window to the left to see the golden Great Rift Valley in the distance. It all looked like a dream, a canvas painted right before my eyes. That view was quite a humbling one, it’s the same effect the Smoky Mountains have on me on my own home state, making me realize just how small I am and how vast, deep, far, and wide His creation is. 💚

Here are a few of my favorite landscape shots I rounded up that I've taken over the past couple of years.

Chimney Tops Peak

The Great Rift Valley

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

A seagull at sunrise on Orange Beach

Coast of Mackinac Island, Michigan