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Harper Lee's 5th Birthday!

Every birthday is worth celebrating! Every day of our lives has a little something to celebrate. And sweet doggos, well their lives deserve to be celebrated too! While they aren't here for as long as we are, I think thats even more reason to celebrate their lives. I wish I had made each of my previous pups birthdays a little more special because you just can't get those years back. I have the memories and the photographs, but I don't think you can ever have too many photos. In light of losing 2 of my sweet dogs Daisey Belle (14 years) & Millie Belle (9 years) within the past year I have began to appreciate their lives and the joy they bring to my life a little more. I will now forever more throw my sweet girl Harper Lee a birthday party and celebrate one more year of joy brought to my husband and me!

So yeah I may be a crazy dog mom but that's okay, it just means I get to enjoy a little more cake with my sweet Harper Lee!

Speaking of cake! Here is the recipe I modified a tiny bit with oat flour instead of wheat and Miss Harper Lee devoured it! Carrots, peanut butter, and maybe some cream cheese frosting, OH MY!

Her birthday was made complete with a pawty hat, confetti, banner, bandana, and her very own pupcake! I think it's safe to say she is spoiled.

Cheers to more pawty sessions & pupcakes for all you fellow dog lovers out there!!

Cheers to more pawty sessions & pupcakes for all you fellow dog lovers out there!! If you are interested in scheduling and planning your pampered pooch a birthday pawty let me know! I would love to be a part of capturing their special day!

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