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Harper Lee's 5th Birthday!

Every birthday is worth celebrating! Every day of our lives has a little something to celebrate. And sweet doggos, well their lives deserve to be celebrated too! While they aren't here for as long as we are, I think thats even more reason to celebrate their lives. I wish I had made each of my previous pups birthdays a little more special because you just can't get those years back. I have the memories and the photographs, but I don't think you can ever have too many photos. In light of losing 2 of my sweet dogs Daisey Belle (14 years) & Millie Belle (9 years) within the past year I have began to appreciate their lives and the joy they bring to my life a little more. I will now forever more throw my sweet girl Harper Lee a birthday party and celebrate one more year of joy brought to my husband and me!

So yeah I may be a crazy dog mom but that's okay, it just means I get to enjoy a little more cake with my sweet Harper Lee!