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Wedding Planning & COVID-19

Brides, I feel you. As we learn more in the coming weeks, it is hard to sit and wait for answers right now. What do we do when plans are canceled and indefinitely postponed? We hope for a brighter tomorrow, because our health comes first. We hope for brighter days to come with more answers and we try to plan for the "happiest day of our life" amidst the chaos. In short, all that is truly left in the sea of emotions is to have hope.

Brides, I feel you because I am planning an elopement style private ceremony and a reception of my own that had to be rescheduled to the last available date of the year. The one day left for 2020 at our venue may still be up in the air. As everyone faces the struggles and headaches of rescheduling all the moving parts and vendors involved with a wedding day in the coming months, the future is uncertain. But I promise you I will be there for you and do my best to work with your schedules to accommodate for these hard times of uncertainty. I promise to capture those moments you have been waiting for so long and I promise to help alleviate any stress I can. Life isn't always perfect, there are curveballs and then there are complete left field tennis balls being thrown into the mix right now it seems (if we can't maintain our humor, I am certain we are doomed).

If your day has been postponed due to COVID-19 and you are now in need of a photographer due to rescheduling conflicts please reach out to me ASAP so we can navigate these uncharted waters together. I have left my remaining fall dates open in preparation for clients needing to move dates. If you are interested in an adventure elopement or small intimate ceremony in a beautiful outdoor location, let's talk!

The wedding images below are from a couple of my friend's wedding day at Baggenstoss Farms in Tracy City, TN in September 2019. The location was an absolutely beautiful setting for their special day!


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