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Sunrise at Lakewood Golf Course

Sunrise sessions are so worth it. I will start with that statement. It is definitely not fun hearing the alarm go off at 4:50 am to get up and get ready for your sunrise session, but after you make the initial efforts it is all worth it to watch the sky turn from a twilight purple and blue into that warm orange, yellow, and pink hues of a golden sky.

Sunrise at our local Lakewood Gold Course on March 7 was absolutely perfect and did not disappoint. There was only one "glitch in the plan" the weather had turned cold again. Like from 65 and sunny to 30 degrees and frigid. Crazy TN weather is kind of like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.

But my couple embraced the frigid morning air fearlessly with their Predators blanket as a shield and we still got some pretty cute photos. <3

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