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Big City Vibes - A day shooting in Nashville, TN

I love the winter months not only because it is the perfect time to curl up and binge Netflix shows without feeling as guilty, but with winter brings a little break for us photographers. I have more time to reset my focus on the new year and do a few creative shoots that bring me back to why I started photography to begin with- because it is FUN! There are no set rules and you are the artist creating the scene before you. Sure there are suggestions and ways you should shoot for great exposure and composing the subject, etc. But all of that doesn't really matter if you are having fun and getting to create and be in the moment.

I asked one of my childhood friends who was in town to model for me and even though our original shoot location was closed unexpectedly, we said C'est La Vie and decided to shoot in some unexpected spots around downtown Nashville. That's what portrait photography is all about to me, taking the least likely places and turning them into interestingly beautiful backdrops. The textures, architecture, skyline, and reflections all around the city are so different from the natural landscapes I typically shoot. It is always so refreshing to me to become a tourist in a familiar place. I have been to downtown Nashville countless times, but every time I go to shoot I never find the exact same spots to be the same.

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