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Adventure Styled Elopement // Morgan + Herbert

I have a dream to become a travel & adventure elopement photographer, with a lot of my inspiration coming from the husband and wife duo @thehearnes. I knew I needed to try it out and add that style to my portfolio. This was the product of the culmination & creation of my imagination.

I can not thank my model husband + wife enough for helping bring my vision to life. I reached out to a couple from my hometown that had recently been married and seemed to be comfortable in front of the camera. Morgan and Herbert were absolutely the perfect couple for this styled elopement shoot and it was truly a blast. They were so seriously so awesome to meet me on a Sunday morning bright and early and be my stunning subjects.

We hiked out about a mile to the Stone Door overlook early on Sunday morning and this shoot was an absolute dream. I kept the look simple with a reconfiguration of a Sherri Hill prom gown I snagged at Goodwill. GOODWILL people!!! The dress could not have been more perfect for the occasion. I decided to add the white lace top to give the look that two toned style and add more texture and variation. To finish off my vision I created a bouquet from silk flowers from Walmart and I honestly think the bouquet turned out great. We kept Herbert's look simple and more casual too with a white button down and khaki dress pants.

Let me tell you, if there is one thing I know how to do, I know how to create a stylish look at an affordable price.

Take a look below to see the results.


Why would you not want to get married in a stunning location like this one? The whimsical fairy tale vibes from the natural beauty that surrounds you, that's what my photography heart desires. Two becoming one surrounded by the beauty of pure nature. You, your love, and God as your witness. Oh and me too! There to capture the entire day!

I am so ready to take on the next adventure elopement! If you are interested in having me there to capture your day, whatever it may look like- big wedding with all your family and friends or an intimate ceremony on the side of the mountain with the two of you, let's talk!

Is she not STUNNING in this dress?? Yes, a million times yes!

The way this dress ebbed and flowed in the wind... SO WHIMSICAL!! Check out all these flowy (that's totally not a word but it is today haha) shots below.

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