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Alayne + Kevin - Adventure Sunrise

Wake up call: 4 am please. Yep, thats right 4 am in order to make the hour drive to our amazing sunrise session location, Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. This work of architecture and engineering is quite the iconic spot for those traveling through Tennessee. The surrounding rolling hills allowed the perfect backdrop with the sun rising above. Alayne and Kevin were total champs getting up and ready to make it out here. Their love for one another shines through brighter than sun.

Seriously, how are my friends this cute 😍💕 I mean come on now! These two got up at 4 AM Saturday morning to fulfill my sunrise shoot dreams and let me tell ya, those dreams yeah knocked out of the park! I mean look at the true joy and laughter and love between them?! It’s was honestly a constant giggle fest the entire time and I will forever more (okay maybe not forever more) be sharing more from this session that warms the cockles of my heart.

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