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Nairobi, Kenya

I have been back in the states for over a week now and I am very excited to share the images from our mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

You can only tell a story from your point of view. Your words, your observations. When it comes to telling & sharing a story you want to share it the way you saw and experienced it. No one else was there and the viewers may not understand what went on behind the scenes to get the shot. For example, how long you observed the scene before taking the photo. Bishop David told me I took quite a few photos and that I needed to look and wait for the shot. In my opinion, if I wait for the shot too long I will have missed it. I look for what is happening right in front of me through the lens. There is not always a rhyme or a reason or method behind it but I come back to the images and photos taken and I get to reanalyze them. Life is this way, we do not understand it while it is happening right before our own eyes most of the time, but if we do not stop to capture the moments as they happen we will miss them. Sometimes we still miss them as they are happening, only to return back to these moments in time through our images captured can we begin to recollect that fleeting moment.

Life. Life is what is happening right in front of us, in every moment. In every moment, we are breathing and we are living.

I get to determine the way I want the story portrayed through how I edit. An amazing photographer I follow and admire, @chrisburkard once posted a photo to Instagram and stated, “I’ve long felt that even if you shoot the best photograph of your life.. if you pair it with someone else's thoughts or feelings or even their quote, you seem to give away a part of what makes that experience special for You. ... There is this beautiful opportunity to share your own thoughts and emotions of what you bring back from these places that means something far more than pixels on a screen."

So here is to actually telling the stories behind the images. Keep an eye out for more photos, stories, and thoughts about this trip.

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