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Prom Pics @ Lowe's? Yep, Lowe's knows.

Hello friends & readers who may one day become friends! I had to blog this prom shoot because it was seriously one of the coolest shoots, though definitely non- traditional. With the floods and rains of winter/ spring of 2019, we could only hope for good weather the night of prom. With dreary skies and rain in the forecast I messaged Ashley and asked if she would be cool to try shooting her prom pictures at Lowe's. I know what you might be thinking... ew Lowe's! Why would you ever take beautiful prom pictures there? Well let me just tell you, Ashley was a total champ for being down to try this location and trusting me to still capture awesome prom pictures.

Take a look below at the results.






Did we get quite a few looks because there were two stunning young ladies walking around in formal dresses in the local Lowes, yes. Did we care, no!

I think we had FUN.

I think we #NAILEDIT and we stayed in out of the dreary rain.

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