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Relationship Goals

I seriously can not get over how sweet and fun this couple was to shoot with. Now I wanted to feature this beautiful couple in this post but I also want to turn the focus slightly. I want to talk about something I have struggled with and continue struggling with.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram posts and seeing happy couples that are #relationshipgoals? I know I sure do. I scroll through thousands of images and see perfect happy couples. I myself am in a happy relationship but there are still struggles. Struggles in our own lives, in our relationship and in each of our families. And we choose not to share these struggles. We choose to share the highs. We avoid showcasing the low points for the fear of shame and embarrassment because we are not perfect.

We tend put all our hope in earthly relationships instead of a relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father. We think that if we were just in a relationship it would fix all our problems and the problems would somehow miraculously subside, not be as heavy on our hearts. I even felt this way before entering my own relationship of 2 years with my wonderful and loving boyfriend. I thought once I achieved the "in a relationship" status that everything would somehow become easier because I would have this soul mate who was always going to be there for me. I thought somehow I would be completed and whole as if I was not already a complete person on my own.

Truth is a person can only complement you, not complete you. Only Jesus can feel the void and hole in our hearts and in our lives. Only his love can provide and satisfy the deep longing to belong and be loved.

We can still celebrate the relationships we have with one another and we can still experience the fullness of love here on Earth but let's set our sights farther than just attaining these "relationship goals."

So while our relationships here on Earth can be wonderful and amazing and so full of love and laughter, let us not forget that these "relationship goals" should not be our most sought after goals. Let us not hold other couples which we know nothing about and the walks and seasons of life they are in currently to become idols of which we wish to attain the same status. Let us recognize that these relationships are beautiful but the love of our God is greater. Knowing His grace and love for us to its full extent and understanding His reckless love is #goals.

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