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Max Patch, North Carolina- A "behind the scenes" story....


First of all I would like to say that I decided to write this post because life can easily be portrayed as perfect and always happy in our images we post on social media. However, on the other side of the camera and behind the scenes it is rarely as flawless as the lens may make it seem in the split second the image was taken. I wanted to give a behind the scenes idea of how the day went and what happened in order to get to see these amazing views and snap these pictures.


All in all I would rate the day as one of the top 10 I will never forget. But the truth is this was not one of those perfect adventurous days I had dreamed about. I had been planning this amazing fun road trip for Jonathan and I to take as soon as I had graduated from Motlow State Community College and before he started his summer internship. I just knew this trip was gonna be an epic photography adventure. I had planned to wake up in time to make it to Max Patch in order to watch the sunrise and then hang around Asheville until the sunset. It would be the perfect photographer's dream day shooting during both golden hours at an aaaaahmazing location.

Lesson of the day, year, and maybe even in my life: Always be prepared. Make sure you check the weather, and do not, I repeat do NOT forget to bring a heavier jacket when going into the mountains. Wind chill factor can be a tough element to bear.

So I had it all planned out, or so I thought, we would wake up at 2:30 AM and leave Cookeville, TN in time to watch the sunrise at Max Patch, North Carolina. We left in plenty of time; however, the one thing I did not take into account when checking the sunrise time for Asheville, NC was the fact that they are an hour ahead. Whoops! Needless to describe anymore about how we missed the sun