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New Hope

Have you ever looked down on a city at night from the top of a hill? Do you ever wonder if God looks down and sees the world this way? There is a song by Ben Rector "30,000 feet" and I love the story he tells about being 30,000 feet up in an airplane and how sometimes it takes the sky to see whats on the ground. "yea looking down from 30000 feet life has been good to me." I don't know about you but when I am on the mountain top all I want to do is stay there because I can see everything and everything in life seems a bit more clear. The mountain top is an exhilirating place to be, but going back down and coming out of that euphoria can be scary. We can be hesitant to make the descent back down sometimes. In my home town of Shelbyville, TN we have this hill that is right out of town and on top sits a beautiful little country church named New Hope. I am not exactly sure why it is titled New Hope and the story behind it, but I do know the view there is the best one year round in Shelbyville, TN that I have yet to find. The view of our little town lit up at night is something you just have to see to understand. It is kind of like the iconic view of LA from behind the Hollywood sign, except there are a probably a million more lights lighting up the sky there at night. 

So go out and seek those mountain tops, work your way to the top but enjoy the views and make the most of the mundane by finding something good in every day. 

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