11.5.2020 Nashville, TN Elopement

I met Brianna and Caleb through a Facebook wedding group when Brianna posted about wanting to elope in the Nashville area. I reached out, sent over my info and we chatted a little more about the location options local to Nashville. I suggested Narrows of the Harpeth, a gorgeous overlook on a high bluff looking out into the farmland below on either side of the bend in the Harpeth River, This spot is located approximately 30 minutes outside of Nashville and was the perfect option for beauty and ease of access!

I made a couple calls just to confirm with the park ranger that this would be okay to schedule for a weekday in early November and he assured me no problem with less than 10 guests and mid day in the winter there would be few people around anyways.

The short ceremony was set for 11 am and a few family members were running late due to interstate traffic, so we took advantage and explored a little bit to take a few portraits before the ceremony.

This limestone overhang made for a super cool backdrop and this is actually right below where the iconic view of the lookout is located I believe!

After we walked around and scoped out a couple of spots for Caleb and Brianna to say their vows, they decided the parking area in front of the rock wall backdrop would do just fine! A few family members weren't able to walk very far so this spot worked out perfectly.

It's not about all the frills and thrills and the most amazing views, it's about the love you share and the commitment you are making for better or worse.

After the ceremony and their family said their goodbyes we headed up the hill to hike to the ridge where the iconic overlook awaited us.