Dreams of Africa

You know what’s crazy, the thought just hit me this morning as I looked at my zebra ottoman from when I was younger and my room was zebra themed. I always thought Africa would be a cool place to go but I never thought I would actually get to go.

Our own bucket list items sometimes seem unrealistic or too far fetched. But the Lord has a funny way of working things together at unexpected times. So hear is a little story...

I had been handed down this large, rather massive actually, painting from my aunt who worked with a man who had given it to her. The man and his wife had a foreign exchange student from Africa who was an artist and that is where the canvas painting originated from. I had this painting in my room for a few years through middle school and high school. When I changed the theme I took it down and away it went in the back of my closet to be displayed one day, when I had my own home hopefully. I was still kind of obsessed with zebras but out of sight out of mind, so I never really thought about actually going to Africa again. Then when I heard from my pastor and his wife there was a potential mission trip being organized to go to Kenya in 2019, I WAS SO THERE.

I still didn’t know if I would actually get to go but things always have a way of working out just how they are meant to. So, here I am one year from when I first heard about this trip and I have been to Africa and a piece of my heart is still there because it truly was a dream.

Here is to those of you chasing your dreams, following what God has placed in your heart and not letting go of the things that set your heart ablaze.

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